Why Yoga

The great thing about yoga is there are no limitation to start. You do not necessary need complicated equipments or other props to get you started. Instead, simply pick a basic yoga poses and do it wherever you want; in your living room, office, and even at your own bed. With regular practice you will notice changes in your body and mind.

Benefits of Yoga
  • For Your Body:
  • 1Increase core strength and tone your body
  • 2Make you sweat and burn calories
  • 3Improves respirations
  • 4Relieves pain and tension
  • 5Improves posture and flexibility
  • 6Better rest / sleep
  • For Your Mind:
  • 1Increase mental awareness
  • 2Increase confidence
  • 3Helps with anxiety and depression
  • 4Improves concentration
  • 5Eleminate stress
  • 6Help boost memory

Yoga path is a long process that lasts a lifetime, requiring perseverance & self-discipline, as well as courage and self honesty – JP

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