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Yoga is not a solution, but a method. It gives you the necessary tools to navigate you throughout life, minimizing the effects of human ignorance and keeps you grounded. Throughout hard work and self discovery, yoga brings you to self-realization, resulting in life satisfaction, a sense of peace and unconditional love and happiness.

Classes Options
Corporate Sessions
Yoga classes can vary from energizing vinyasa, to relaxing meditative classes – covering stress management and working on physical ailments specific to each class and student.This could be run at your workplace either before, during or after work tailored to your requirements.
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Home Sessions
The home session is very appropriate if you want to start with yoga or deepen and develop your practice. The class is designed to offer you private yoga class specifically adapted to your needs and interests.
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Group Sessions
You can bring yoga with friends in a comfortable home/ It provided a healthy and positive way for friends to connect on a weekly basis. Group yoga allows you to meet both of health goals and having more time with your family or friends.
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About JPdoesyoga

Jane Patricia’s approach to teach derives from her belief that yoga is accessible to everyone. She is known for her hands on approach, enthusiasm, and joy for the practice. Her personal style of teaching yoga draws attention to breath, fun sequence, and most importantly safe alignments and adjustments that suits individual students.


Public Class Studio


Udara Bali 

Jln. Pura Kramat, Cemangi, Mengwi, Seseh, Bali, Indonesia

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